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Incremin Iron Mixture Oral Liquid
Incremin Iron mixture is a sugar free balanced formulation for children whose dietary intake of L-Lysine, Vitamin B, B6, B12 and iron may be inadequate.
Naturopharm Urinary-Med Oral Tablets
Naturopharm Urinary-Med Oral Tablets support healthy urinary function and normal muscle tone.
Thompsons Junior C Chewable Vitamin C - 100 tablets
Vitamin C may be useful in building resistance to winter colds, helping maintain a healthy immune system, supporting wound healing and aiding the absortion of other nutrients such as calcium and iron.
Thompsons Junior Immunofort - 45 Tablets
Junior Immunofort is a multivitamin and mineral supplement with immune boosting power. Providing all essential nutrients to insure daily intake of nutrients including wholefood concentrates for ‘picky’ eaters, vegetarian and vegan children.
Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75ml
To provide natural care and protection for the nappy area.
Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash
Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash delicately cleans and softens a baby's hair and skin from head to toe.
Weleda Childrens Tooth Gel
Weleda Childrens Tooth Gel provides natural protection for milk teeth.
Weleda Thuja Wart Paint 10ml
An external application for the treatment of warts and verrucae.


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