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Blackmores Executive B Sleep Formula
Blackmores Executive B Sleep Formula contains a combination of herbs used for difficulty falling asleep due to nervousness, irritability and unrest. It helps support healthy sleeping patterns, and provides relief from insomnia for those who are tired but mentally alert.
Blackmores Tranquil Night
For the temporary relief of insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns,
Blackmores Valerian Forte
Research has found that valerian extract is able to significantly improve sleep quality, reduce time taken to fall asleep, and reduce frequency of night awakenings - especially in people with a history of poor sleeping habits.
Clinicians 5-HTP Mood Care 50mg Capsules
Clinicians 5-HTP may assist in supporting healthy neurotransmitter production, support moods and promote quality sleep.
Clinicians REM Sleep
Clinicians REM Sleep is designed to support normal sleep patterns and contains magnesium and vitamin B3 for relaxing muscles and calming the nervous system.
Natures Own St Johns Wort 2700mg
St Johns Wort has been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on disturbed sleep patterns, to alleviate anxiety and to promote calm. It has also been demonstrated to help treat mild to moderate depression.
Radiance 5HTP 50mg
Serotonin is associated with mood, emotion and appetite reduction. A natural herbal remedy, 5-HTP has calming characteristics, giving rise to feelings of contentment while promoting sleep and relaxation. 5-HTP may also act as a mild appetite suppressant.


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