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Blackmores 10 day Detox Program

Blackmores 10 day Detox Program
Product Use : Program to improve effectiveness of Digestive System
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Blackmores
1 packet of Blackmores 10 day Detox Program AUD $96.14  
2 packets of Blackmores 10 day Detox Program AUD $189.40  
3 packets of Blackmores 10 day Detox Program AUD $281.13  
5 packets of Blackmores 10 day Detox Program AUD $464.00  
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Information - Blackmores 10 day Detox Program

Unlike many programs, the Blackmores 10 Day Detox Programme provides a comprehensive detox by targeting five major organs, and only requires a 10 day commitment, making it easier to successfully complete. It includes round-the-clock support from Blackmores Health Experts with tips, advice and motivation to help you stay on course and treat your body to a fresh start. The Blackmores 10 Day Detox Program is designed to help you improve the function of your digestive system and help your body eliminate waste more effectively. It is based on the naturopathic belief that health problems may be caused by the digestive system not working efficiently. The Blackmores 10 Day Detox Program cares for your organs in five ways: - Helping the entire digestive system function as it was designed to - Assisting sluggish liver function - Maintaining optimum levels of friendly bacteria in the intestines - Gently helping cleanse the bowel - Assisting removal of dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow to the skin surface.


1. Stomach: Digestive Bitters - Take 5mls Twice daily. 2. Liver: Milk Thistle - Take One tablet three times daily. 3. Intestines: Acidophilus    Bifidus  Two capsules twice daily. 4. Colon: Colon Care - One scoop on days 1-3. 5. Skin: Skin Mitt - Exfoliate on alternate days.


Each Pack contains: Blackmores Milk Thistle 30 tabs Blackmores Acidophilus Bifidus 40 caps Blackmores Colon Care Powder 10g Blackmores digestive Bitters liquid 100ml 1 Blackmores Exfoliating Skin Mitt 1x52p Detox Booklet and I interactive Detox CD.


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