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Radiance Hoodia PowerSlim

Radiance Hoodia PowerSlim
Product Use : May assist with weight management by reducing hunger, food intake, and helping balance blood sugar regualtion.
Classification : General Health Product
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Information - Radiance Hoodia PowerSlim

Hoodia works by direct action of the appetite centre in the brain - the hypothalamus reducing cravings and feelings of hunger.
Sensible weight management the Radiance HoodiaSlim way. Radiance HoodiaSlim combines the benefits of the 100% natural appetite suppressant herb Hoodia with cacao extract, green tea extract, ChromeMate and vitamin B3.
Hoodia is a desert plant native to South Africa. The San tribesmen have used Hoodia gordonii for centuries to help stave off hunger and thirst when out on long distance hunting trips.In human clinical trials, Hoodia gordnoii helped reduce dietary intake by up to the equivalent of 1000 calories a day. Cacao and green tea provide free radical quenching antioxidants and help support metabolism, while chromium and vitamin B3 are essential to the efficient functioning of insulin and blood sugar regulation


1 capsule twice daily


150mg Hoodia gordonii (20:1 concentrate), 200mg cacao extract, 100mg green tea extract, 100mcg ChromeMate, 550 mcg vitamin B3

Important Notes

Not recommended for people with anorexia or related eating disorders.

Not recommended in pregnancy or lactation. Always ensure a sensible healthy diet and ingestion of plenty of water is maintained during a weight management program.


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