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Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream

Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream
Product Use : To reduce the appearance of broken capillaries on the face.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Skin Doctors
1 pot of Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream 50ml AUD $63.76  
2 pots of Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream 50ml AUD $125.56  
3 pots of Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream 50ml AUD $186.51  
5 pots of Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream 50ml AUD $307.40  
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Information - Skin Doctors Capillary Clear Cream

Broken capillaries, especially on the face are a cosmetic problem. They are in fact the sign of damage most often caused by the sun, age, or excessive alcohol consumption. This condition affects both women and men and although women can mask it with make up, capillary clear provides a safe, gentle and effective solution for both sexes. Capillary clear has the potential application for many cosmetic dermatological conditions other than broken capillaries including  age related purpura, rosacea, inflamed skin following chemical skin peels or post operative bruising. Capillary Clear works in two stages: Capillary Clear is jam packed with natural active ingredients proven to fade the appearance of ugly broken capillaries from the surface of the skin. It also works to even out discolouration. Active ingredients include: Vitamin K, Bearberry, Retinol, Arnica, Bioflavanoids, Calendula, Allantoin and Rosehip. Plus there are traditional herbs and natural oils to help nourish and moisurise your skin.


Apply the cream morning and night. Make sure your skin has been pre moistened with warm water to open up the pores of your skin for maximum absorption. The ideal times to apply capillary clear would be after a shower, bath or sauna. Lightly massage the cream into the skin for best results. Remember to apply the cream consistantly and liberally for the desired results. Once your broken capillaries disappear and you have a genetic predisposition to broken capillaries, continue using to help prevent spider veins from resurfacing.

Active Ingredients

Vit. K heals broken capillaries.

Arnica disperces dried blood surrounding capillary walls and bruised tissue.

Bioflavonoids strengthen capillary walls to prevent future damage.

Important Notes

Unsuitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.


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