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Weleda Baby Colic Powder

Weleda Baby Colic Powder
Product Use : Weleda Baby Colic Powder for the relief of colic in babies and children.
Classification : General Health Product
Manufacturer Name : Weleda
1 pot of Weleda Baby Colic Powder 50g AUD $13.38  
2 pots of Weleda Baby Colic Powder 50g AUD $26.30  
3 pots of Weleda Baby Colic Powder 50g AUD $39.00  
5 pots of Weleda Baby Colic Powder 50g AUD $64.20  
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Information - Weleda Baby Colic Powder

Helps relieve the discomfort and pain of acute colic in babies and children. Relaxes the abdominal muscles and calms and soothes the baby. Colic is a descriptive term for spasmodic abdominal pain and contractions (cramping). It can be common during the first three months of life. Growing children may sometimes suffer from 'nervous colic', which can also be relieved by Baby Colic Powder.


Give 1/4 level 5ml teaspoon of poweder in a teaspoonful of warm water, or can be given straight to babies used to eating solids, every 15 to 30 minutes for up to 6 doses or until colic subsides, or as directed by your healthcare professional. As a preventive one dose may be given before feeding.


Each 1g contains: Foeniculum vulgare (fennel), decoct equiv dry seed 30mg, and equal parts of homoepathic ingredients, chamomilla, root 3x, conchae 6x, tabacum 6x, in lactose base.

Important Notes

Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Consultation with a practitioner is advised before giving medicine to babies under 6 months.


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